You Can Say I’m a Dreamer

I have really enjoyed the start of 2017. Writing and working on new art for the studio is where my time has ticked away. Maybe a little reading, too. Well no, I should confess, a lot of reading. They say it makes you a better writer. Hard to believe it is almost February! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to the new year.

Stop on by the studio, here’s a little preview of what I have been up to. A little vintage mixed with original watercolors. I also included a few dreamy boards. Just feast on the lake view and those studios…if only! You can say I’m Dreamer, come join me (:




Happy creating and dreaming!

With much love,



Sugar Plums Dancing


The Sugar Plum Fairy has arrived. I am ready for the days to be filled with the magic of  the season sprinkled with aspirations and dreams of the New Year. Having a warm feeling in my home inspires me to create. Its amazing what the soft light does for the heart and soul. The sugar plums are officially dancing in my head.

There is new art at please stop by for a visit. I hope everyone has a wonderful and magical week preparing for the ones they love. Celebrate the joy!

A Winter Watercolormidnight-snow

Happy Holidays!

With much love,




Inspirational Prints and a free Christmas Printable

There is something special about spreading holiday cheer with an inspirational print. For the past few weeks, I have been working on inspirational prints for the studio. As I created each of them, I thought about who I could gift them to. I hope others can feel the joy I felt as I made each of them. A smile bloomed on my face. It is something so small that truly brought a feeling of happiness to my heart.

As a writer and artist, I not only love watercolors and pencils, but I love words. Words can touch us in ways nothing else can. A simple phrase can make you feel inspired, happy, or encouraged to strive for your dreams.

I have attached a free Christmas printable and shared a few of the gifts I will be giving this holiday season. They bring inspiration throughout the year to the home, office, or the corner of your world that inspires you. They can also be purchased at the link below.

Visit my studio ~ Pen Paper and Petals Studio for more printables. I hope to see you there!

silent-night-8-x-10   Silent Night with Star

As Christmas approaches I hope all of you are able to enjoy the glow and  festivities of the season.


With much love,





It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Ev’rywhere you go, it’s glistening with a soft glow.  Christmas cards, cookies, townsfolk gathering for the lighting of the decorations under the winter sky. Homes open for celebration, comfort foods, then coming together to celebrate the reason for the season. It’s always the time of year we take extra time to remember those not as fortunate and those that have to work during holidays to keep us safe while we enjoy ours.

Setting the stage in preparation of the Christmas season on Thanksgiving weekend has always been my family’s tradition. We unpack the boxes of our favorite decorations, really it’s like unpacking memories of Christmas past in anticipation of making new ones. Every year that goes by, and as I grow older, the season is precious to me. It’s about family and friends. Seeing the joy in their eyes and the love in their heart.

Here are some of my favorite decorations and you will see a few items from Pen Paper and Petals Studio.


Happy decorating and joyous celebrations!

With much love,